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Award winning and Feature Shoot International Emerging Photographer Awards nominee Therese Johnson launches her first in the series of 'The Light Within'  Exhibition, which explores the many emotions of childhood.
Step inside with an open mind, be in the moment. Look beyond the image, what do you see? Follow the emotions like ebb and flow created ny an inner light unique to each child.  

Now on at Frensham Heights until December 14th 2018


My mission for 'The Light Within' project is to start a revolution that will make a change in the world and how we see our children through my images.

Showing the world that all children have an inner light that has not yet been compromised. Let's treasure their spark, keep their inner light on fire and build upon their strengths


Everyone is born unique, with endless potential and individual strengths. We need everyone and their uniqueness to make the world whole, to make a society that lives in harmony, where everyone’s strengths are utilised to their full potential. To celebrate uniqueness and difference. 

Not demand children to be society's version of normal. 

We are told to be like everyone else, fit in, don't step outside the box, don't be your unique self and follow your heart and passion as it's unknown territory and who knows what that will bring, failure is our biggest fear. 

We have over 70,000 thoughts a day. Imagine that? We can’t control our thinking, but we can ride the wave of emotions. Our thoughts are what we make of them. Our inner life force, inner light, or soul, some might call it, that thing most of us say is bigger than us, but we can never really explain what it is. It’s what connects us, a light within, uniquely individually that makes us different to anyone else.

This exhibition is the first in a series of ‘The Light Within.’ Which explores children’s everyday experience of life. During one lunch time hour break the camera captured the wide range of emotions available to all of us, some angry or frustrated. Some lost in their thoughts. Some full of joy. Some full of sadness. Some with the weight of the world on their shoulders and some without a care in the world. What the camera captured were micro moments where their light within wasn’t hidden, faked or disguised.


It was there laid bare, just children being children.




Therese is an awarding-winning children’s and family photographer based in Surrey. Originally from the small village of Malmo in Sweden with a big heart, as she is now living in Farnham surrounded by stunning locations, full of vibrant colours and dramatic scenery. 


Therese is well known for her unflinchingly unique children and family photography which are also gloriously independent pieces of art in themselves.


Inspired by her own children to make a difference and live in the here and now. This exhibition is the first in a series of ‘The Light Within.’ Which explores our unique children and the fact inspiration is everywhere, you just have to lift your gaze to see it. 


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